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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy For

What is Privacy Policy?

Privacy policy is document telling website visitors how there information is collected, used and secured to drive them good experience on the website from content also to tailor to them interest-based advertisements, this process is done using Cookies.

What Cookies are?

Cookies are small chunks of data that is been dropped in your browser by third party to monitor your browsing habits and observes your activity , then it collects this information and send it to the advertiser to tailor and drive to you related advertisements to your interests.

What Information is Collected?

Information is gathered and collected by third party is just your browser activity like searching for specific term, see what is your interests, generally any thing related to your browsing activity.

Risk and harmful technical consequences

There is no risk at all from collecting this information , it is kept and secured using high technologies and only disclosed by the authorized party.

If you are not comfortable with this you can simply disable cookies from your browser and by doing this no cookies will be dropped by to your browser, your can do this by following steps:


Settings > Scroll Down , show advanced settings > content settings > Then check Block Third-party cookies and site data.


Options > Privacy > Firefox Will: Use Custom Settings for history > Accept third-party cookies: Never

By This way you simply disable cookies in your browser and this will not affect anything despite the part that concerns delivering you the best content tailored to you.

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Web Design And Web Development Company In Egypt