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How to Stop Pop Ups From Chrome

For some unfortunate reasons the internet has been full of bad guys who deploy unwanted ads and pop-ups, this kind of ads is annoying and disturbing. But the good news is that Google is taking hands toughly on this kind of annoying advertisements and this will neither cost time nor effort to set-it-up. Below i will list easy-to-follow steps to stop pop ups from chrome, using settings in chrome and installing software to keep things under control.

Blocking Ads and pop ups in google chrome requires five basic steps:

  1. Select settings from Google Chrome
  2. Search for pop ups
  3. Click on Content Settings
  4. Click on pop-ups
  5. Switch the Pop-ups option to Blocked or delete exceptions.

Enable Chrome pop up blocking feature

How to stop pop ups from chrome

1 – Open up chrome browser , navigate to the upper-right corner then click on settings in the menu
chrome settings

2 – Search for ” Pop Ups” in settings

chrome settings pop ups

3 – Click on “Content Settings

chrome content settings

4 – Under Popups you should see Blocked. But if it says Allowed, click Popups

chrome popups allowed

5 – Toggle the switch in front of Allowed

chrome settings popups

There is an amazing feature in Google chrome when trying to configure your settings to stop pop ups from chrome you can add exceptions to the browser to allow specific sites to pop ups their ads.

Exception sites list

1 – Repeat the steps 1 to 4 from the above

2 – Scroll down to Allow and press on the highlighted icon in the image below

chrome settings pop ups control

3 – Then select remove

stop pop ups from chrome

4 – Repeat the steps from 1 to 4 if necessary and manipulate  the settings that fits your need in any manner and consider allow the websites that use most.

Another important factor for this unwanted pop ups is that your PC might be infected with an adware which probably something you don’t want as it hijacks your browsing habits and redirects your destination to harmful websites, so now i will tell you step by step how you can install malware software and stop pop ups from chrome using this amazing software and adware removal tool.

Scan for malware

1 – First of all Download this software its security project made by Google , it’s created to remove unwanted programs and virus

Download Google Cleanup Tool

2 – After that install this tool, let it make it’s magic to remove any suspicious programs that might the reason for this pop ups. And finally reboot your computer, you will find your chrome browser redeemed it’s default state.


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تحفيل دوت كوم Ta7fel Dot Com
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