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Is It Still Profitable To Make Money With Adsense

Make Money With Adsense: This What Professionals Do

To make money online with Adsense this task can be hard sometimes especially if your website suffers lack of traffic. To be honest, there are many people who can make money with Adsense around the world, but there few of them who makes a full-time income from Adsense Program. But first What is Adsense program.

What is Google Adsense?

Adsense is contextual advertising platform dedicated to delivering ads for both publishers and Advertisers. Okay, its crystal clear now what is Adsense. Now let’s give little introduction for how people make money with Adsense.

Make Money With Adsense

As stated above to make money only with Adsense can be tough due to the lack of traffic that’s because of Adsense mainly advertising platform, when people visit your website they see Adsense ads. Whenever anyone clicks on an Ad you get money, not only that but also generally when the Ad is shown you get money for it.

Does Anyone Eligible Enough To Make Money With Adsense

Google Adsense program for fortunate reasons is free to Join, but there are some conditions if met you will join for sure and if not found try to work on them, Then re-apply which are:

  • Your website should have neat look and easy-to-navigate map.
  • Your website’ elements should be arranged and aligned in a comfortable way to the readers’ eye.
  • Your content should be easy to read and to understand, no need to use some Jargon that might be confusing for some readers.
  • Your website’ menus should be working properly and in full-functionality.

For more information, you can visit Google Adsense Support Forums to read the eligibility to join their Adsense Program. Now I will explain in a detailed way how Adsense works and how you can Make Money With Adsense.

How To Make Money With Adsense

As I said Above Adsense is an advertising platform and works with the revenue share business model. Which works like this:

Make Money With AdsenseAs shown in the image above Google takes money from advertisers then it shares the revenue with the publishers with a percentage of 68% and the rest for Google for sure :D.

To Make Money With Adsense there are two earning models in the program Which are CPM ( Cost Per Mile ) Mile means 1 thousand impressions and CPC ( Cost Per Click ). Earning from those models is controlled by many factors and also the amount of money you will receive for each thousand impressions or per click will vary from website to another.
Now I will talk briefly about the major factors affecting Adsense Earnings.

8 Major Factors Affecting Your Adsense Earnings

1 – Content Type

Having webpage which Contains or Targeting this Keyword “Weight Loss” your cost per click will be 1.61$ and this too good, But this is a competitive keyword, That’s why Cost Per Click is high. For Proper optimization for your keyword read my post about On-Site SEO .

2 – Page RPM ( Revenue Per Mile )

While considering to Make Money With Adsense one of the most important factors you should think about is Page RPM, which can be calculated as follows:

Page RPM = ( Estimate Earnings / Number Of Page Views ) * 1000

The final result of this equation is the amount of money you will receive per Page Thousand impression.

3 – Country Of Traffic

Countries of your website visitors or Traffic plays a big role in determining your revenue from Adsense and how much you will make. Countries are divided into High Tier Countries, Medium Tier Countries and Low Tier Countries, For example, if your traffic from countries like Canda, USA, Austrailia and the United Kingdom then congratulations your revenue per thousand impressions and cost per click will be high. For more information about Country Tiers read this article.

4 – Ad Placements

Placing Ads on your website can make your earnings up or down, Now I will list numbered list of the most profitable placements for Adsense ads that will ensure you Good conversions and drive you a lot of clicks:

  1. Ads Within Your Content Itself

Make Money With Adsense

2. Right Side Bar

Adsense Side Bar

3. Filling Whitespaces in the Footer and Header if Found

The aim of good Ad placements is to increase the chance of receiving clicks from your visitors and thus raising your revenue.

4 – Site Speed Loading

The time your website took to load can be the main reason to determine whether the visitor will hit your website again or not.
Let’s think about it if your Site takes too long to load, this will be annoying for the user meanwhile if your website responds too fast this will be encouraging to visit it again and thus you gained returning visitor and reduced your bounce rate.

6 – Number of Ads Per Page

To Make Money With Adsense seriously you should consider several important factors and critical ones such as a number of Ads Per Page. Increasing number of Ads per page can be directly proportional with your revenue because it will increase your page CTR ( Click Through Rate ) which is the ratio of users clicking on your Ads to the total number of the people who are viewing your page. Now it’s clear why a number of Ad Placement on a single page can make big difference in your Adsense revenue.

7 – Source Of Traffic

Generally receiving traffic from referral or referring site will increase your Adsense earnings due to users themselves are encouraged to click on Ads if they are coming from Social Channels rather than who is coming from search engines not motivated that much to click on Adsense ads placed on your website. So if you got decent social media empire and sent them to your website or your website has a feature that depends mainly on sharing your website content and posts on social media, then to make money with Adsense will be an easy task.

8 – Traffic Platform

When you think of it mobile user -In terms of Adsense- is more valuable than a desktop user, this can be calculated from different angles. In Today’s world, mobile users are increasing every day and this can be obvious metric pointing to the future will be in Mobile and mobile Ads, according to that Mobile Advertising will eat the world relying on this article on Forbes.
So users from Mobile devices, Tablets, and Kindles will result in making more money with Adsense.

So, Is it Possible to Make Money With Adsense

Yes, it is possible to make money with Adsense, with strong and solid business plan to walk with. You can read my previous post about Cloud Mining in which I was reviewing Eobot Cloud Mining Service and my experience with them, in terms of automation and making money online on the Autopilot, it’s very good deal to have.

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