How to take screenshot on windows

Sometimes many of us forget the basics of computer like how to find hidden program, changing folder options, etc… . But there is little tricky problem remains with us , which is how to take screenshot on windows. If your using Microsoft windows of earlier versions like windows 7 and earlier, those versions shipped with built-in tool called Snipping tool which i will describe in detail how to use it to take screenshots on windows machine.

Method 1

How to take screenshot on windows using Snipping Tool

1 – Go to Start menu open it and in the search type “Snipping Tool”, you should see something like that

how to take screenshot on windows

2 – Click it to open then you will find it very easy to use snipping tool-1

3 – Finally click on “New”, after that you will notice the screen is fading away of colors and eventually you will mark you desirable region to take it as screenshot then save it wherever you want.

Method 2

How to take screenshot on windows using keyboard shortcut

1 –  Click on the window that you want to take screenshot

2 – Press Ctrl + Print Screen (Prnt Scrn), by holding down Ctrl and then pressing on the print screen key , you will find this key in the upper-right corner of the keyboard


print screen

3 – Then , go to start menu > All Programs > Accessories > Paint, open up paint and inside it press

Ctrl + V to paste the screenshot



4 – In the Upper left of the paint program you can choose File > Save As to save it in your desirable place with your chosen name


For more illustration if something is not clear above watch the video listed below which is illustrating step by step how to take screenshot on your windows using the above two mentioned methods and feel free to use any of them , and don’t forget to subscribe to our official channel for more of this tutorials


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