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How to Setup Cryptocurrency Wallets

What is Cryptocurrency Wallets?

Cryptocurrency wallet are simply digital wallets in which you can withdraw your money to them using given addresses where these wallets provide you. In simple words you can think of it as bank account number.

With the rise of Cryptocurrency the presence of wallets was a must since the definition of the Cryptocurrency is digital money so by default digital money needs digital wallets to be stored on, and thus Cryptocurrency wallets existed.

List of Cryptocurrency Wallets

There are many vendors that provides good Cryptocurrency wallets, below i will list the  most trusted ones in the industry and whom i personally deal with them.


Coinbase is the most popular way where you can buy and sell Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. They have good reputation due to many reasons:

  • Secure Storage
  • Ensure your Wallet Protection
  • Instant Exchanging and transfer
  • Full protection

Also they have decent mobile wallets where you can withdraw, transfer or exchange on the go. I will show you how you can register with them and create your wallet.

1 – Go to

Cryptocurrency Wallets

2 – Then press Signup

coinbase registration

3 – After fill in the proper data in the fields in the form

Cryptcurrency Wallet4 – Finally Got to your email inbox to confirm your registration.

Now let’s move to the important part of the video where which we will generate the wallet address to be able to use it across any Cryprocurrency website.

5 – After you log in to your account

Coinbase Tools

When you will press on tools tab you will find this figure below

After that click on Generate address and you should see something like this.

This is the address of your wallet feel free to use it across the Cryptocurrency websites, and if you missed any of the above steps watch these video below.

**Important note: Through our experience it will be GREAT to save your first address in a notepad file and use it across all the Faucets ( Follow Us to see our next videos about Faucets) and to all your Claims over the web**

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تحفيل دوت كوم Ta7fel Dot Com
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