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Gaming PC : The Ugly Truth

Let`s face it… A high-end Graphic Card – or VGA- is the line drawn to divide Gaming PCs and Commercial PCs.
Gaming PCs have video cards with their own dedicated memory (VRAM), processor (GPU) and cooling system.
Typical – commercial – PCs have onboard graphics controller with limited abilities related to the main memory(RAM) and central processing unit (CPU).

The 4 things you must know before buying a graphic card are :

1. Graphical Processing Unit (GPU)
It`s all about power. more power equals speed. that`s determined by Brand Name + Model Number
The main ( and only ) two competitors are Nvidia and AMD.
Nvidia uses the shorthand names GT, GTX, and Ti.
AMD uses HD Radeon R (there is no ATI anymore after merging with AMD )
So, when you read Geforce 780 Ti, THAT`S NVIDIA BABY … YEAH…
But, when you read RADEON R9 290x, AMD IS COMING …
The higher the number, the faster and better the card is .. but not always compatible.

High-End Graphics Card


Low-Profile Graphics Card


Low-Profile Graphics Card


2. Never forget no.1

3. Memory Size,s not everything.
If you chose a card according to its size, it`s like buying a TANK instead of a Mustang !!
Unless you are using a 4K display, or incredibly 3 monitors resolution, RAM is not the issue.
What you need to search for is the BANDWIDTH.
DDR5 provides TWICE the bandwidth as DDR3 . which means, if you choosing between 1 GB DDR5 and 4 GB DDR3, defiantly go for DDR5.

You buy it, open the case, install it, and SUDDENLY, the performance is like the year 2001 TNT 32 GB graphic card.
Does the BIOS reject it ? is it the MOBO PCI-X slot ? is it the POWER SUPPLY UNIT not giving enough power?
My advice to you: DO YOUR HOMEWORK. read the motherboards manual and online articles about the compatible graphic cards.

Now, why the article is titled the ugly truth , because we didn’t mention number 5 which is BUDGET.

You will never afford to buy High-end brand new VGA for less than 100$ ( If you are lucky and found used one) That’s the ugly truth


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تحفيل دوت كوم Ta7fel Dot Com
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